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Sàmbene in Sardinian means “Blood”.
Blood as life juice. Blood as the nature of a land. Blood as the character of the people who keep striving to evolve.

Sàmbene: your redvolution

Tradition and inoovation

Sardinia, a land full of history, traditions, exchanges and convergences. An island with many islands inside, with many peculiarities.

“Sàmbene” project is a new approach that keeps together innovation and respect of traditions. Evolution and revolution.
“Sàmbene” adopts the centuries-old culture of grapes and wine, applying the most modern techniques of cultivation and vinification, to arrive at a new, innovative product.

Warm, captivating notes with a strong and fruity bouquet. Sàmbene reveals itself with every sip.
Sàmbene comes from the marriage between the most renowned Sardinian vine and first-class international grapes (Cabernet-Sauvignon and Sirah).

Sàmbene is an exciting, different, unique experience. Unforgettable..

The years consists of only 1300 strictly selected bottles.

Tech sheet

Vines and soil

Vines: Wise blend of indigenous grapes, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Syrah.

Soil: Calcareous mixed with marl

Harvesting and winemaking

Harvest in September, by hand with careful selection of the grapes.
Produced with fermented hat with submerged cap and temperature control. Aged for about nine months in steel, light wooden passage and a further 6 months in the bottle.

Color and perfume

Purple red with violet reflections.

Intense, persistent and complex vinous bouquet with dominant notes of ripe red fruits.

Taste and alcohol content

Dry, balanced, full, with a full body and excellent tannic structure. Enveloping with complex and persistent aftertaste.
Full bodied with a gradation around 13,50%Vol.


Good aging resistance for at least 4 years.

Tradition and innovation
THE FINISHES - ``The design of the bottle, a glass work of art, sinuous and elegant, is a splendid setting for wine.``- Bastiano - CEO
QUALITY OF MATERIALS - ``The cap is in top quality Sardinian cork selected by hand.The capsule is made of tin obtained by casting.``- Bastiano - CEO
CREATIVITY AND DESIGN - ``The continuous line in the Sàmbene logo is the history of Sardinia, the cut that generates the drop represents its discontinuity, a new way of understanding the excellence of an island.``- Roberto - CPO
The Legend

War had been devastating the ancient Barbagia, in the centre of the island of Sardinia, for years. The Army of King of Iliensi was almost on its knees and incapable of defeating the Carthaginian invasion.

The lookouts on the Big Nuraghe saw the messenger of the invaders come to them asking for an audience with the King. They let him in.
“I have been sent by my Emperor to tell you that your Kingdom belongs to him now. If you do not wish to be completely erased, hand me your crown as a token of surrender and the blood of your first born, the most valorous among your Army.”

The King left the room to reflect upon it. He gathered his three wisemen and asked for advice. The older said: “Give him your crown and send him an amphora of our wine. Tell him it is “Sàmbene” (blood) of your first born and suggest that the Emperor takes one sip to absorb his strength.” The King accepted his advice.

The Emperor received the crown and did not hesitate to wear it. He got the amphora and opened it. He dipped a large cup in it and drank what he thought was the blood of the King’s first born. He was enraptured by it. It was not blood but the sweetness of that ambrosia got to his heart and mellowed it. He had never tasted anything so good and inebriating, sensual and beguiling.

He kept on drinking and that night, for the very first time, his dreams were peaceful and joyful. The following day, he had his horse saddled and beetok himself to the King, bringing an offer of peaceful cohabitation and the request of having revealed the secret of that nectar.

Since that day, in these lands, “Sàmbene” is symbol of change.

(from ancient books)

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